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The southern buildings are the structures that comprise the heart of the Shops. These are the buildings where basic materials like scrap iron and sheet steel was turned into parts and machines ready to go into service on the railroad or in the community. The Foundry turned scrap into cast items. They could be used as is or taken to the Machine Shop where they wer turned, planed, drilled, slotted or otherwise transformed into hight tolerance parts. In the Blacksmith Shop tubes, rods, bars and sheets were forged, tempered, swaged or othewise altered by heat and hammering to make them into usable components. In the Boiler Shop large sheets of steel were bent, rolled, cut and pucned to fit together into a freight car or other item. Next door in the Carpentry Shop all the wood components were cut, planed, milled and shaped into thier own parts. It all came togheter in the Car Shop and the Locomotive Shop where all the work in the other buildings was assembled into a finished product ready to take to the rails.


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