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The W&H Listed Herald is a herald you can display on your site to show that your site has met the cirteria and is listed in one of the departments at the W&H.

What do I have to do to display the Herald on my page?

  1. Your page must be currently listed in one or more departments of the W&H.
  2. The Herald is displayed on your page as a link to the W&H at http://www.spikesys.com/webville.html.
  3. You alert the W&H of any changes in your URL.
  4. You do not change, modify, edit, format or stretch the Herald.
  5. You agree to remove the Herald if your page ever ceases to meet the criteria to be listed in the W&H.
That's all!

You do not have to display the herald or even link back to be listed at the W&H, but either would be appreciated. You may wish to use the W&H Listed Herald as your main link to the W&H, or display it on your main page and use the W&H logo as your link. For more linking info see the TELEGRAPH SYSTEM.

If you agree to the terms you may download the Herald.

Small Listed Herald
Small version

Large Listed Herald
Large version

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